Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bethlehem Harvest – Whole Grain Goodness for your Family

Bethlehem Harvest is a family owned business based in Friendswood, Texas. Our primary goal is to provide top quality equipment and supplies for home bread baking. We are also committed to providing a steady stream of bulk organic products into the Southeast Houston area.

Gail DeGray, the owner of Bethlehem Harvest, began her fascination with bread baking at age 12 and has been delighting family and friends with whole grain breads ever since.  In the late 1980’s, with a growing family, Gail made a dramatic change in her baking style and efficiency: she moved from hand kneading to machine kneading. The machine of choice at the time is still the best on the market today: the Bosch Universal Mixer. With the proper tools in hand, Gail streamlined her baking, learning to make six loaves of fresh whole grain bread in just over an hour – plenty to feed her family and still have some to give away!

Then, after recommending the Bosch Mixer to others for almost twenty years, Gail became a Bosch Demonstrator, thus making this remarkable machine available to friends old and new. The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is an ideal addition to any kitchen. It can knead up to 14 pounds of dough, whip cream, and stir batters. Additional attachments to turn it into a blender, shredder/slicer, or meat grinder. No need to buy separate appliances for each use.

In addition, Bethlehem Harvest is a supplier for the Nutrimill Grain mill, a high speed impact great mill that creates nutritious fresh flour from grains and legumes in just minutes.  The Nutrimill is versatile, convenient, powerful and fast. It is one of the quietest impact mills on the market today. Definitely an important addition to any bread maker's kitchen.

Bethlehem Harvest is also the only bulk supplier of high quality whole grains, legumes and other baking supplies on the southeast side of Houston. Bethlehem Harvest stocks a variety of grains from Wheat Montana Farms, Lundberg Rice Co., and a variety of other organic sources.  Many grains are maintained in stock, and specialty products can be ordered on a regular basis.

Our name, Bethlehem Harvest, is based on the Biblical birthplace of Jesus Christ. The name ‘Bethlehem’ literally means, “House of Bread”, and we’ve enjoyed the fact that our home has

been a house of bread for many years. For our family the “harvest” of the grains God has provided comes when we enjoy the home baked goodness that continues to delight our senses after over 35 years of baking!! We invite you to enjoy the same delightful harvest in your own “house of bread!”

In addition to baking (and eating) bread, Gail enjoys teaching bread baking classes in her own kitchen and other local venues.  She also pursues a variety of other passions: caring for her husband, Bob and their eight children; loving on their 4.5 grandchildren; serving the Lord Jesus Christ in local church ministry; sharing her love for God’s Word by leading ladies Bible studies and retreats; supporting and encouraging families pursuing adoption; and occasionally sitting down at her sewing machine to make a quilt.

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