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Our desire is to help people of all ages internalize the Scriptures and allow the inherent power of the word  (Heb. 4:12) to transform their lives based on Romans 12:2, James 1:21.

Our method of helping students to do this is through picturing; not just the process of associating a symbol with a word but through the act of drawing. 

The Bible is God’s “picture book”, forming powerful visual images with words from cover to cover. Educators have discovered that all learning involves forming images and most Bible teachers understand that picturing is one the most powerful capacities given to us by God to comprehend, retain and internalize His word. 

All “PictureThis!” lessons follow the see, hear and do methodology which, as educators agree, maximizes retention. Since the “doing” involves drawing, we have designed a dotted line Student Sheet which allows non-artists to easily form images. The “PictureThis!” illustration formed by the student is actually a composite of major concepts in each Bible book. The result when finished is that each student has a good “picture” of each Bible book in his/her mind and, an excellent resource for years to come: an illustrated Bible, drawn by themselves.

 You can find Picture This at their Website  www/   

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