Wednesday, April 15, 2015


REACH Co-op began meeting at Bay Area Christian Church in the fall of 1996 and has changed locations twice due to steady growth throughout the years. We have been meeting at UBC, University Baptist Church, since the fall of 2002. Each year’s program depends on building availability, student enrollment, and parental servanthood.

You can find REACH at their website:
Our Mission:
REACH Co-op is a cooperative organization of about 100 home school families, located in the Clear Lake area suburbs of Houston, Texas who gather together to share our talents for the benefit of our children.

  •  We strive to offer a well-rounded balance of academic (core)  and elective enrichment classes to supplement your home school that meet the largest percentage of the students' needs.
  •  One of our goals is to always offer age-appropriate PE, Social Studies, Art and Science choices in each age group. 
  • We meet on Friday mornings from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, for 28 weeks, from August through April. The fall and spring semesters are 14 weeks each
Optional resources we provide either annually or periodically:
1.    Mom's Events
2.    Field Trips
3.    Park Days
4.    Fall/Spring showcase
5.    Science Fair
6.    Yearbook
7.  Spelling Bee
8.    Secondary events - secondary students have the option to participate in: 
  • Senior High School Formal
  • Graduation
  • Service / Fellowship Clubs

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