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Founded in 2000, the HEP Bookstore is a full service homeschool store located in SE Houston.  The store sells traditional homeschool curriculum plus Driver Ed in a Box™, toys, games, Folkmanis™ puppets, t-shirts, Insect Lore™, and many other fun and educational items.  Owned and operated by Joanne Juren, the HEP Bookstore also offers consulting, transcripting services, and custom designed high school diplomas. The  IOWA standardized test  is offered each spring (click the STANDARDIZED TESTING SERVICES button on the left side of this page).  Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. offers group activities, tutoring, and seminars for homeschoolers and their parents.    For a complete listing of activities visit  Because Joanne E. Juren, B.A., M.Ed., is the only homeschool store owner in the Houston area who has experience as both a teacher and as an administrator, the HEP Bookstore is able to offer services that other stores cannot.  Mrs. Juren has also homeschooled her two sons and has been actively involved in homeschooling for 20 years. These services include:

  • Special Education Consulting – As a former public school administrator, Mrs. Juren has ARD Committee and Special Education Administrative Experience.  She has years of experience working with Test Results and I.E.P.’s. With this knowledge, she will gladly help the homeschool parent make curriculum choices and share ideas about how to present the materials within the homeschool environment.
  • Teaching Experience – With over 38 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Juren has knowledge about curriculum and how to tailor the materials to a special child’s needs.  Mrs. Juren has trained her staff to assist customers with this information.  Mrs. Juren is usually available to help customers with special questions.
  • College Information – Mrs. Juren also has experience as a college administrator with San Jacinto College South.  She is knowledgeable about dual credit/early admission programs as well as what colleges require from homeschooled students.  She served as a member of the San Jacinto College District Honors Council during 2010-12.
  • Consulting Services – Customers are welcome to schedule a private consultation with Mrs. Juren.  The rate is $40 an hour.  Four year plans, test scores, college planning, discipline issues, family matters, and curriculum questions are just a few of the topics that parents have brought to Mrs. Juren for consultation sessions.
  • Transcript Services – The HEP Bookstore sells a transcript kit that may be used to create a professional looking high school transcript.  Mrs. Juren will develop a transcript for a fee.
  • GETTING READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE – The book!  Mrs. Juren has written a book that smooths the way for the homeschooling family to move from high school to college.  The book is $29.95 and a transcript CD may also be purchased.
  • Diploma – The HEP Bookstore will custom make your student’s high school diploma.  Also available is a black or blue leather cover for the diploma.  HEP of Texas, our group class provider,  also provides a graduation ceremony in May exclusively for homeschooled students.  Caps and gowns and other graduation supplies are available through HEP Bookstore.

JOURNEY THOUGH TIME, an intensive survey course of literature and history starting with the Ancient Times and continuing to the Post Modern Times, presents the history and literature of Western Civilization in a formal classical methodology with a heavy focuses on rhetoric and writing.  Using the writing program, Writing with the Masters, students develop strong writing and research skills while exploring the great writers and thinkers of the world.
ANCIENT TIMES (Creation – 476AD) - This course traces the history of ideas regarding western culture.  The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the Judeo-Christian foundations of western culture.  It is essential for students to have some understanding of the roots of their culture in order to respond from a biblical perspective to the present-day mores and philosophies.  This course focuses on extended paragraph writing and the five-paragraph essay.  Readings include novels based on the various time periods and cultures, Bible stories, flood stories, creation myths, legends, and readings from Ancient civilizations.
JOURNEY THROUGH TIME – Grade 9                                                                                                               
THE GREEKS AND ROMANS–This course explores western culture as a blend of Judeo-Christian traditions recorded in the Old and New Testaments and the Greco-Roman pagan traditions of Greek and Roman Literature. This year’s writing will focus on learning well-developed expository writing:  advanced expository paragraphs with sub-topic sentences, and various college essay formats, including the MLA Style 5-paragraph research essay.  The major writings covered in Grade 9 include Iliad, Odyssey, Poetics, Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar; shorter writings include works by Aristotle, Euclid, Socrates, Plato, Caesar, Plutarch, and many others.
JOURNEY THROUGH TIME – Grade 10                                                                                                         
MEDIEVAL TIMES - This course examines the impact of the church, chivalry, and feudalism on the development of Europe during the Medieval Time period.  This year’s writing focuses on advanced expository paragraphs with sub-topic sentences, and various college essay formats, including the MLA Style research paper. The major writings covered in Grade 10 include Beowulf, Song of Roland, King Arthur, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Divine Comedy, and Everyman; shorter writings include Bede, Caedmon, Medieval Poets, Miracle and Morality Plays, and many others.

JOURNEY THROUGH TIME – Grade 11                                                                                                           
THE RENAISSANCE AND THE AGE OF REASON – The first semester of this 32-week course is an extensive survey of the history and literature of the Renaissance & Reformation period and the second semester, The Age of Reason, looks in depth at the philosophies of the Enlightenment, which led to the birth of America.  Various genre begun in this age are also explored, e. g. journalism.   The first semester will focus on the college history essay; the second semester on journalism, satire, and six methods of paragraph development.  The major writings covered in Grade 11 include The Prince, Don Quixote, Faerie Queene, Hamlet, and Paradise Lost; shorter writings include poetry, the US Constitution, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, and stories about Americans.
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JOURNEY THROUGH TIME – Grade 12                                                                                        
MODERN AND POST MODERN TIMES - This 32-week course offers an in-depth look at Romanticism in Europe, England, and America.  It also covers European and American Realism and Naturalism in both the Victorian Era in England and during Modern and Post Modern Times.  The fall semester writing will focus on critical analysis and the spring semester on research and text documentation.  The major writings covered in Grade 12 include modern writers, historical writings, short stories, and poetry.

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