Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Through the sharing of our members’ gifts and talents, FAITH Co-op strives to provide academic support and enrichment to home school families, which would enhance a parent’s effort to educate their children, by offering quality classes in a Christian environment.
At FAITH we believe that when a family chooses to home school, they are embarking on one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors they may experience. We want to come alongside a family’s efforts to support, encourage and supplement their home school. While at FAITH academic classes can be found which can alleviate some of the parental teaching, we firmly believe that parents maintain the responsibility to control, oversee and guide their child’s education.
We believe that by cooperating together in the sharing of our members’ gifts and talents all of our students will reap the rewards of receiving instruction that their own parent may not feel able to give or teach.
We meet at Clear Lake Baptist Church (CLBC), 15700 Space Center Blvd., Houston, 77062, -  located on the corner of El Dorado and Space Center Blvd., in Clear Lake City.
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