Monday, April 13, 2015

Heaven Sent Choirs

Heaven Sent Choirs had its start in 2001 when Leland Fleming had a vision to create a quality choral program offering home-schooled students a solid education in music appreciation, theory, sight-singing, vocal technique and performance.  Since 2001, He has successfully provided a solid opportunity for students to develop individually and participate in a program that is fulfilling and inspiring!

Mr. Fleming has been teaching music for 30 years and has an amazing ability to motivate and inspire a love for singing in a manner that truly touches the hearts of others. 

The Choirs are fun... but more than that, Mr. Fleming, along with his assistant Mrs. Smith, teaches solid musical principles designed to enrich and develop your child?s natural talent in a way that effectively ministers to them and blesses others.  Music fundamentals, performance, and music ministry opportunities are the primary focus of these choirs!

Heaven Sent Choirs has won multiple awards including "first place" division rankings and "Outstanding in Class" trophies in choral competitions.  Our students have many opportunities to compete if they so desire.

Our program is not just another "extra-curricular activity".  It is a musical education program that will influence your student for a lifetime.  Come and join us as we unite our voices together in praise to our Lord and service to our community!

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